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During the course of time we owned too many Porsches to count, but please enjoy the photo journey of some we kept photos of. We thought it would be fun to show how some were repaired painted or parted out,  it in the early years it all began in Rick’s parents home garage!

Porsche’s often arrive from all over the world by truck these days into a more modern facility.


1982 911Sc Red with rebuilt engine we owned a few times now, most recently in 2018

Not one of the Porsches we like to know the story of, some are fun stories and others not so nice.  The cars often tell us their story or hold secrets, sometimes we find somethjng very personal and try to find the owner to return it to them. Some owners send us lots of details on their Porsches like the thoracic surgeon who owned one of our America Roadsters and gave us his European delivery documents.

This 1989 Coupe arrived from California over the cab of a big rig.


1996 tip coupe we rebuilt and sold during 2018.

1996 993 Cabriolet we dismantled during 2018

1978 Sc in light tan with really fabulous engine with Weber’s we sold during 2018

1984 ruby red coupe ex racer we parted out in 2018


This 1982 Targa we bought in Las Vegas


This Red 930 shell was a theft recovery back when no Porsche was safe on the streets. Photo taken at Rick’s parents home.

73 Targa on the tow bar, we cut that F model era up quite often, today we could cry how many could have been saved.

1986 Carrera Cabriolet

1987 Cabriolet


1983 911SC next to Rick’s 1970 240z

The last 928 we owned.


1986 930 crashed in right side

We have owned a lot of 560SL this green one is parked next to one of the earliest 901 in existence at our old Dunmore location, after a falling out between Rick and his brother, his brother sent this piece of Porsche history to the crusher.

Theft recovery 1989 Targa in Silver

Another 930 engine fire

1977 silver Sportomatic sold to Greg Rathe

Weekend Rides first 964 turbo in 1991 with only 3k miles, we bought it from our next door neighbor, the late Bernie Andrejack. We sold it to then not famous Wayne Carrini of chasing classic cars fame.

1979 930 engine fire

1979 930

1987 Targa

1982 911SC Targa


M491 Coupe

1983 Sc and f model in the snow

1973 911E Targa


Another Ferrari Jim Mulherin hauled for Weekend Rides

Our first Lamborghini Espada at Rick’s home  where the Weber’s leaked and fire was promptly extinguished!



This 964 was the start of a long term friendship with Attorney Howard Silverman

1984 Salt Water flood

At our Dunmore Pa shop

Vandalized 911SC

1988 Carrera Coupe at our former Scranton Storage yard circa 1994




87 Targa on top of truck arriving to donate its drive train


1982 SC came in with a Bell Telephone radio phone! Pictured is the first new boat Rick ever owned, a 1985 Welcraft 192 American.

Red America Roadster

3.0 Carrera

One of the few 928 we ever owned


Hard roll 1979 911SC


Ricks first 911 was this 1972T

A REAL 1973 RS fire victim we owned

78 911 SC

Our first 3.2 Carrera we had in to dismantle


911 SC at the Scranton location


one of the hundreds of Porsche’s the late Jim Mulherin hauled in for us  

Another car carrier with three 911s arrives at our old Dunmore Pa shop


1986 930



Factory slant Nose turbo cab hit hard left front.


Factory M491 Cab Euro version Gold

Boxster in paint shop


Porsche arriving from overseas.

Pocono mountain snow covered 911s



Our car trailer covered in fluffy white powder 


993 Arriving by truck

Front fire 993

964 on truck


Silver 993 Turbo inside our warehouse after coming off truck

911 in container

512 TR Ferrari

911 2.7 1974 targa


1997 993 Venetian Blue

911 front unibodys for accident repair



965 turbo ball of metal

83 SC Conversion we did for a Judge client of ours with 993 engine and short G50 we built back in the day. It found its way home to us after a series of unfortunate events.

1987 Cabriolet on trailer at Weekend Rides

911 front clips

European Turbo Cab in the snow behind our shop

Token blue Boxster

Soft Window Targa local PCA member Randy sold us

1968 911L ivory with red interior


924 turbo with only 11k miles


911SC iris blue

911SC Cina Red

More Porsche’s arriving at Weekend Rides

1983 911SC had interesting career, we sold it as a roller,  in 2018 it was on BAT as a yellow backdate, we sold it to a long time client of ours in Michigan who built it for his dad.

1987 Black Carrera

3.2 Parts car

Scam we returned to the insurance company we bought it from after verifying the vin numbers were altered

1984 Euro Coupe Front hard left crash with fire

Burn victim targa

1985 Carrera

Crankshaft donor

1984 Targa found its way back home to a very well known restorer in Germany

1986 Targa we rebuilt. This sale, like often our business does, led to a close friendship with a globally known melanoma specialist.

Factory M491 Cabriolet from State College Pa it is white on white, we offered it for sale at the Essen Show in Germany.


1984 Wide body conversion in steel done by Weekend Rides

In the Weekend Rides paint shop

Another Carrera  arrived at Weekend Rides by truck fifth wheel! This one was stolen and driven thru a fence.

Two Carreras headed overseas

1984 Cabrio we Rebuilt on our Celette

Front Fire Carrera Cabriolet

1986 Slant Nose Conversion in Steel

1986 Carrera coupe

Donor shell

1987 Cabriolet in silver and red 1982 Sc

915 transaxle rebuild

1986 Cabriolet


1989 Cabrio on the Weekend Rides Celette

1987 Targa

Dishonest “reputable” shop in Elmsford NY stole lots of parts off this 1987 after a tree fell on it while storing it for the insurance company.

1986 930 Red Weekend Rides bought from an estate in our area.

Rolled G model Carrera

Inside our one warehouse

Hi wide!

1988 Cabriolet

1987 Cabriolet

1988 Cabriolet 

996 Cabriolet

Headed to new homes in Europe

Undercarriage damaged 1988


Left Side crash 1988 Cabriolet


1987 Cabriolet Interior Fire


1988 Factory 930 Turbo Cabriolet

1989 964 truck transporter caught on fire engine case lived on and is in a race car!

1989 On the Weekend Rides CELETTE

Nice black Cabrio

1988 Carrera

964 Cabriolet

M491 gold cab coexisting with 964s

1990 C4 Cabriolet


1991 C4 coupe 964

964 Cabriolet

1991 964 among the bodies


1993 C2 Cabriolet

A few 964 in the warehouse

America Roadster engine fire we rebuilt

C4 964 coupe 1991

1992 964

1991 964 had an interesting phone inside which we personally made certain was returned to the owner.

964 Silver Cabrio

Right side of the silver 964

1988 Carrera

1991 964 Cabriolet

1992 964 coupe on our car trailer


1992 oak green tiptronic 964 coupe

965 turbo

Our third America Roadster after fire Repairs  and paint

964 white Cabriolet

Our First America Roadster on the Celette

Our Second America Roadster received a front clip

Our Blue America Roadster

1993 Hurricane Sandy Midnight Blue 964 was absolutely gorgeous, if it got water inside we never saw any!

964 Coupe

Flood Car 993

Another 964 turbo engine fire

964 Targa side hit

Iris Blue 965 turbo with white interior

993 turbo

1997 993 Cabrio

Dismantling a 993


1996 993 coupe


On our car trailer bumper and 993

993 in the snow

1995 993 Cabrio Weekend Rides bought in Hawaii



993 coupe

1997 993 Cabriolet

Flood car 993 cab

White 983

993 coupe


993 Aventure Green

Hurricane Sandy 993

White 993

C4 993 on our trailer

Silver 993

Tip coupe 993

1997 993 we bought in Georgia out of a chicken coupe with Ruf wheels

993 turbo

1996 993 arena red coupe

993 c4 cab red


White 993 coupe


993 turbo

993 Targa


1997 993

Yellow 993 c2S


Tip coupe 993 we bought in Fla




America Roadster headed home to Germany

Factory Skant Tutbo Cab


996 turbo silver coupe

We buy Porsche’s by the truckload!

Several 993 we bought

By the container load!  We sell and buy any Porsche’s anywhere

Ferrari 360 we sold as a repairable, our client did a fabulous repsir on it.

1995 993

1998 993 Cabrio arrived January 2019

1986 coupe arrived January 2019

1986 Cabrio on the Celette

Spontaneous combustion in nj suburbs

993 C4 we sold to one of our competitors


964 on Celette 


1997 993



996 sold to customer in Georgia who parted it out

996 c4

1999 996 Cabrio


Red boxster flood car 

1999 996

2001 996

Flood car boxster


Rear crash Boxster 

Side crashed Boxster

2007 997 we rebuilt and have owned a few times over the last several years



A Day at Manheim Auto Auction selling some of our front line perfect history Porsche’s, our white GT3 was sold that day


White Gt3 from an estate we bought out 


Hurricane Sandy C4S


We purchased this Cayman S from a local PCA friend, thanks Matt!


1987 Cabrio being taken apart and then in sealer

Same 1987 Cabrio on our Celette to check its accuracy

A little color on this 911

Side hit targa 

1988 911 arrives at Weekend Rides

1988 on the Celette continues its life now as a successful track car with Louis Bedstsdt


1987 Cabriolet

Another 911 on the Celette

And in paint after the Celette 

Another 911 arrives at Weekend Rides

1989 Targa

1987 Targa

1988 Carrera Felsen Green Metallic, affectionately  known as “Felsen”.  We saved Felsen who had some water damage from Hurricane Sandy.  Felsen was sold by us several times to new clients and old friends in Pa and in New York.  In August of 2018 Felsens last owner purchased a 993 cabriolet from us and Felsens adventures began again, it moved to San Francisco to live with another friend. Felsens ride on a big rig was an adventure of its own to say the least thanks to an errant lady trucker who abandoned her truck and Felsen in Arizona, but Felsen once again survived and arrived unscathed except for some oil dropped on the trunk.

1988 track racer rolled over

1982 911SC we owned twice now


In the last thirty plus years, hundreds of Porsche 911s have passed through our hands.

Some were spectacular all-original cars. Others were crashed/flood damaged/burnt ones that we parted out and still live on our parts bins on shelves.

We are proud to have sold many as rebuildable salvage, and more than a few we rebuilt and are glad we saved.

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