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1996 Porsche 993 All Black Tiptronic SOLD

By September 13, 2019January 5th, 2020No Comments
1996 Porsche 993 All Black Cabriolet Tiptronic Photo

1996 Porsche 993 all black cabriolet tiptronic for sale from Weekend Rides.

The cabrio is all black with a Tiptronic transaxle, it is 2 wheel drive.  It runs and drives beautifully. The cab has just 81K California miles, we refinished the original Cup 2 rims.

The cab has its tool kit, air inflator, a factory original black cabriolet toneau cover and its original factory service books and warranty records.

The 993 has its factory radio with Cd

Freshly serviced the oil was changed and inspected the 993 comes with with a new battery.

The 993 we fully repaired and will be happy to discuss its repair which was performed on the Celette jigs to factory perfect accuracy.  It was been correctly straightened on the Celette Body jig by Damon who used the Celette Body jig with factory original fixtures,  it has all its original body structure, we replaced the right fender and bumper.

The Celette Bench and jigs/fixtures have been used exclusively by Weekend Rides for over 40 years. Weekend Rides is well known for our outstanding Porsche body repair and show quality refinishing of Porsches.

The 993 was painted by us, it received a factory brand new front bumper cover and right front fender during its repair.  We refinished its original front hood which had paint chips.

View our 993 walk around video on you tube here

The cabriolet tip is currently being driven,like we do with all of our Porsches, to ensure any services or small issues were addressed performed prior to our delivering our Porsches to their new owners.

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