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In 1978, Rick Bolus started Weekend Rides working on Porsche 911s, doing mechanical work and collision repair while a student at Penn State University.  Rick acquired his first 1972 Porsche 911 from DeNaples auto parts, it is pictured below. Rick had purchased  his very first crashed 1973 Datsun 240z for 650 dollars, its blue front fender access lids to this day adorn Ricks office. It is the most valued part in the building, a memento of his gratitude to his early mentors

Weekend Rides began to purchase salvage Porsche 911s from Insurance company losses in 1980, and this led us into specializing exclusively in 911 Porsches. Our core business is used Porsche 911 parts, salvage Porsche parts and rebuildable Porsches.

This passion for fine automobiles continues today, and we always have flawless properly documented Porsche 911s for sale.

Weekend Rides has bought and sold hundreds of Porsche 911, 930, 964 and 993s. In the 80’s when we first started doing conversions, we converted numerous 911s to the then popular slant-nose look, often starting with a bare targa body shell which ultimately would become a turbo body cabriolet with a turbo conversion. Many of the Porsche 911’s we purchase are rebuilt, others are completely dismantled and stored in our warehouse. By having a massive inventory of used 911 parts on the shelf, we can provide same day shipping worldwide.

Weekend Rides continues to be one of the worlds largest buyers of Porsche salvage, our warehouse contains up to date inventory removed from salvage Porsches which arrive each week from insurance losses across the world. We sell rebuildable project Porsches and fully repaired and hand picked flawless examples.

Later era 911 3.2 and 3.6 liter engine and transaxle packages are often installed by our service department or supplied for the enthusiast and Porsche repair shops to update earlier 911s. Our inventory of rebuildable Porsche projects changes daily.

Simply put, Weekend Rides is the only choice when it comes to the best 911s ever produced, the 1965-1998 Porsche 911.

While our passion for Porsches runs deep, so does our passion for real estate development. Over the years we have been heavily involved in numerous real estate deals and actively seek new commercial and residential rental property opportunities.

Some Photo Highlights

My father, Charles Bolus, taught me about cars and the value of hard work.

The first 240z we ever owned, bought new by Dr. Charles Bolus in 1972. This silver/burgundy Z car was handed down to Rick, and lost in a barn fire.

The First 911 Weekend Rides owned: Rick Bolus, the late Willie Burns, and Mike Yevonison sharing a laugh in Scranton, PA circa 1978. Pictured is Rick’s first 911 a 1972 T coupe.

My first visit to Porsche factory.

We often wonder which of these 993s have passed through our hands or will in the future!