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Used Porsche Parts

Weekend Rides has the largest fully-searchable online catalog of properly documented used Porsche 911 parts to be found anywhere. Search here effortlessly by part number, description. Can’t find what you need? Email us or call 570.503.1700.

About Weekend Rides

At Weekend Rides we have unparalleled experience in all aspects of air cooled Porsches, a massive inventory of used Porsche parts, Celette repairs and we provide investment grade rare and exotic automobiles.

The Weekend Rides “CELETTE”

Learn more about our Celette bench.

Porsches We Owned

Take a photo tour of the hundreds of Porsches and a few of the Ferraris we have owned. Some were rebuilt, others sold as projects, and the rest continue to provide used 911 parts on our shelves where they supply used 911 parts to the Porsche community.

Non-Porsche Inventory

Many of our clients often need a daily car or truck for their business. Weekend Rides provides non Porsches such as late model pick up trucks, BMW, Mercedes to those clients. These vehicles are always carefully chosen for impeccable service and ownership history.

Used Datsun Z Parts

We are sorting through our huge hoard of 240z, 260z, and 280z parts as time allows. Please email your requests using the button below.

Ride with Us

Join Weekend Rides as we travel to domestic and international locations.

The Weekend Rides Blog

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