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Weekend Rides is equipped with the Celette Sevene and Celette M8S benches, utilizing original mz towers, Caiman and sevene pulling arms and all Factory original fixtures.


1996 Porsche 993 repaired on one of the Weekend Rides Celette benches, the 993 had extensive cowl damage, we sectioned in a used cowl from our inventory and straightened the body to original specifications on the Celette fixtures. Achieving proper flawless gaps is one of our trademarks. The body after we repaired it was shipped to its new owner for his refinishing.

Repairing a 1986 Porsche 911 Slantnose conversion left front crash on the Celette at Weekend Rides

At Weekend Rides have used the Celette bench exclusively since the 1980s, here is The First MUF Celette with cobra pullers we owned, pictured in our first Scranton shop on north main ave.

Weekend Rides has used a Celette frame machine known as a bench exclusively since 1982.

In our early years we learned the Celette was largely unknown in the USA as a brand and much less so for its design and accuracy using dedicated fixtures and jigs vs traditional measuring devices. During our travels throughout Europe we would often see them in use and began training under metal masters.  While the foundations of our metal craft was taught by some of the best guys in the USA using frame straightening techniques on old Bear Uniliner which was one of the few “frame machines” used back in their day, we learned how important accuracy was in dealing with structural repairs.

The Celette concept is based upon using angle reference vs simply measuring to a point using lasers or pointing devices, the Celette eliminates any doubt in accuracy by bolting up exactly to the chassis in the cars exact factory bolt and suspension locations.

We acquired our first one in the early 1980s and have never looked back.

We always have a project 911 on the bench and can partially of fully repair any crashed or rusted Porsche to factory specs with a lifetime guarantee of accuracy.

Our inventory of CELETTE’s include the early MUF 7, a few from Sun Celette, MC8, M8S and Sevene.

Weekend Rides Leasing provides used benches and fixtures for short or long term rental and purchase. We have Cobra and Caiman pulling arms for use or rental.

Many Porsche BMW and Mercedes shops in the USA have purchased and lease their CELETTE’s from Weekend Rides.

We work in partnership with some whose finished product meets our highest standards.

Direct questions about the Weekend Rides Celette frame bench rental and leasing to 

Some Celette Photos