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Weekend Rides Shop Projects

1986 911 Sunroof delete fire damaged rebuild

Steel  turbo look slant nose conversion full respray

This 1986 911 had an interior fire, Weekend Rides did a sunroof delete, steel wide flares, steel box rocker panels, steel slant nose fenders and a full respray,


From this sad burnt out 1986 911 we made the shell into to this gorgeous wide body all steel sunroof delete slant nose.



all steel slant nose fenders

we made the fuel filler updated to 993 style

steel turbo rear extensions

doors hood bumpers all painted separately awaiting installation

new front valence

bumpers and valence in spray booth

hood in spray booth

doors in spray booth

application of sealer

roof ready for first color sanding

body in booth clear has been applied

With bodywork all finished into the Weekend Rides Saico spray booth the shell goes to begin the paint process, first base color then many final coats of clear are applied

getting more base coats of color

first we apply a cost of black sealer

Then we start the base coat application of color

the interior was sprayed in single stage

a clean booth is just the start of its journey to receive color

outside the workshop for final wash and inspection for any flaws under natural light

the roof panel is now fully filled and in primer

roof is filled with body filler where we removed the sunroof

block sanding is an endless job sometimes done in our dust collection room

hammer and dolly and body filler

welding on the rear steel fender flares

fitting and welding in a steel sunroof panel to fill the existing hole

fitting flares and rear air intakes

after buttwelding the flares on the never ending tedious job of applying body filler begins

fitting the wider flares with its new air intakes


1986 911 rear crash slant nose on Celette bench

This 1986  911 was an all steel conversion to the popular 90s era slant nose look.

Weekend Rides was commissioned by its owner, who purchased the salvaged 911 from us, to repair it On our Celette bench.

After fitting all of the fixtures and pulling the body into proper specifications we cut off both rear quarter panel tail light areas and some of its center rear body panel.  Once the torsion bar fixtures engine motor mounts and rear shocks fit the Celette fixtures we then moved to doing the sheet metal panel fitting.

Donated from our unparalleled inventory of used 911 parts we grafted on donor tail light pocket and sections of rear quarter panels.  We installed a used engine lid to ensure proper gaps and it’s release, and installed a used rear bumper.

When we repaired the front nose panel and left apron we had to pull its nose and push upward its shock recess.

Once the jigs fit the Celette MZ towers we replaced the left all steel fender with a coincidental red one from our inventory of slant nose fenders!



1996 Porsche 993 rear crash repair on Celette

This 1996 993 cabriolet we saved for a special client when nobody in usa would attempt rebuilding “elke” after she was the victim of a hit and run in nyc. We sectioned most of the rear body on the Celette while preserving our trademark of keeping as many original seams as possible. Elke has her original door jamb welds and most of the factory welds on her rear quarter panel to latch, by utilizing one of our used rear bodies from a donor 993 in inventory we accomplished our clients objective.


our sanding prep room

Refinishing continues on converting this 1986 911 in all steel to 930 turbo look with slant nose fenders and box rocker panels  


2015 Porsche Macan rear crash repair

2015 Porsche Macan S repair left rear body

We have sectioned in the rear with one of our used quarter panels, replaced the entire left rear suspension and aligned the Macan S prior to cutting off its damaged quarter panel.

At Weekendrides  our trademark is avoiding factory seam sections whenever possible, by using butt weld techniques we are able to maintain an original weld at joints, making repairs much harder to be detected.  On this one we used a bit of both techniques, the rear corner we fastened and tig welded it on at its original seams but kept the door jamb untouched and original, we butt welded the outer seam by the door gap and cut through across the upper panel. We welded on a black quarter panel from a donor! However all of this will be repainted.


1986 Slant Nose  Rebuild update

Rebuild of the slant nose on the Celette on this 1986 911 continues, the rear body responded well and we are now replacing each rear corner taillight pocket with a section of used panel from our huge inventory of donors.


Bmw E30 Bare metal repaint

Completely painted this silver BMW 1990 e30 convertible in our Saico paint booth, it was a bare metal respray.


1992 Porsche America Roadster

Freshly out of the paint booth is our America Roadster in Midnight blue.

Started affixing the Celette and the red Slant nose at Weekendrides, 1986 red 911 Slantnose is quite twisted as evidenced by this photo. We are excited to commence its saving and rebuilding for a long time client of ours.

1986 911 backdate crash repair

This black 1986 Porsche 911 was well raced and the class champion in California for many years, it was crashed into by a distracted teenager in North Carolina.  We are rebuilding it for its new owner who resides in Arizona.  He purchased the 911 from us and commissioned Weekend Rides to repsir it then convert the body to a rsr backdate.  It’s repair included replacing the right rear unibody section, it was repaired on one of the several Celette benches at Weekend Rides.  Follow it’s journey back to being enjoyed abs saved here!


1986 911 Rear crash repair on Celette

1986 Porsche 911 rebuild on the Weekend Rides Celette Bench of this ex PCA race car is now underway.

We will be using a section of one our 911 shells as a donor to replace the damaged right rear quarter and latch panel of its unibody.

This 911 had an extensive race history, it was damaged ironically on the highway by a distracted texter, using our 40 plus years of experience rebuilding crashed Porsches we are now rebuilding it for a client in Arizona who commissioned us to save it for him.  Follow it’s rebuild to glory once again, ask any questions about choking Weekend Rides as your choice for Porsche accident repair and restoration services on one of our 5 Celette body jigs.

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