Weekend Rides Shop Projects

1986 911 rescue from garage fire  This coupe had a long time ownership by one of our clients  After a garage fire we acquired it, we sold it as a project less motor to a new client who took on the task of prepping and stripping the shell. He is planning a  v8 conversion after we finish the sunroof delete, we have add led turbo rear flares with intakes, box rockers in all steel, the slant nose is in steel and we will paint it for him.

1986 Porsche 911 rebuild on the Weekend Rides Celette Bench of this ex PCA race car is now underway.

We will be using a section of one our 911 shells as a donor to replace the damaged right rear quarter and latch panel of its unibody.

This 911 had an extensive race history, it was damaged ironically on the highway by a distracted texter, using our 40 plus years of experience rebuilding crashed Porsches we are now rebuilding it for a client in Arizona who commissioned us to save it for him.  Follow it’s rebuild to glory once again, ask any questions about choking Weekend Rides as your choice for Porsche accident repair and restoration services on one of our 5 Celette body jigs.

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