1972 Datsun 240Z for sale from Weekend Rides

Weekend Rides is offering perhaps one of the most interesting survivor 240Z in existence. While the word survivor is not one our favorites and we feel it is overused, in this instance the 1972 240Z is one. however most important is this Z cars historical importance.  Locally owned since new we acquired it from its original owner. All documentation including original Bill of Sale, title copies are included.  With only 36,345 miles showing and having purchased it directly from its original owner, we were aware of the car for 15 years before the late owner finally sold it to Rick Bolus. Don had assured us the miles were true, we have no reason to doubt him nor the miles indicated. One look at the original uncracked dash, original seats, the factory carpets and decals substantiate the miles are true.

As a passionate Z collector, and having owned hundreds of them this may be the most special Z car in existence due to its provenance.  Everything on the Z is period correct, from its journey through time.  A lowered suspension, koni shocks, rear sway bar, larger diameter front sway bar, steering coupler modification, steering rack mods.  The head breaths through a pair of properly tuned SU carbs and flows into a stock exhaust manifold and a custom made free flow exhaust.  The 240Z is has its original un-cracked dash, original seats and original carpets and door panels. Date coded original seat belts, solid spare tire hole.  Sitting on Chromodora magnesium wheels simply adds to its uniqueness. No old accidents ever, the body underwent a driver level restoration about 15 years ago by Rick Bolus. New outer rocker panels and rear half quarter panel wheel arches were installed. The rear latch panel is original and has zero sign of any prior repairs at its seams. NONE. Original radiator support and original hood with its period right date coded emissions decal intact confirms its never been wrecked in front much less backed over like so many Z cars were.

In addition to its period suspension modifications the Z has documentation of having been worked on by the Legendary Racer Brown and by noted Z car race shop Bob Sharp Racing including phone bills for long distance charges to discuss the camshaft with Racer Brown himself!!!

We switched it to a 5 speed transmission from a 280Z when it was restored, in October 2017 the Z received 4 new Koni Shocks, a new aluminum Fidanza flywheel, and a Stage 2 clutch assembly.   The Z may be the fastest we have ever owned and revs very high with excellent gearing thanks to the Racer Brown cam and head work, of interest to us was its unique dual oil filter set up.  The floors were patched at time of its restoration and for a discriminating collector they should be replaced with new ones, however they are satisfactory at this time.

With early 240Z’s finally become a respected collectors car we presented and offed it for sale at the 2017 Hershey Fall Collector car coral.