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Celette Bench

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This is the Weekend Rides Celette Sevene and Caiman currently off site on lease expected back February 15, 2019






At Weekend Rides we have several Celette benches we use in the shop daily repairing accident and rusty Porsches.

We offer for lease or purchase a few, including MUF5, Muf7, MC8, M8S, and Sevene, as well as MZ towers bases jigs and related dedicated fixtures.  Please call 570.503.1700 or email us at parts@weekeendrides.com about our leasing and sales of the benches. Below are a few of our Celettes in use or ready for immediate leasing and rental.

996 on Celette

996 on Celette

MZ Fixture bases 22 pieces with plates



Sill Clamps



Caiman Puller


M8S with crossmembers

Rocker panel sill clamps

MZ set

997 on Celette

997 on Celette

MUF WITH MZ SET and Crossmembers


Contact Weekend Rides at 570.503.1700 or email parts@weeekndrides.com for shot term, long term, purchase leasing or rental rates and availability