During the course of time we owned too many Porsche’s to count, but please enjoy the photo journey of some we kept photos of.  We thought it would be fun to show how some were repaired painted or parted out,  it in the early years it all began in Ricks parents home garage!

Porsche’s often arrive from all over the world by truck these days into a more modern facility.

1982 911Sc Red with rebuilt engine we owned a few times now, most recently in 2018

This 1989 Coupe arrived from California over the cab of a big rig.

1996 tip coupe we rebuilt and sold during 2018.

Not one of the Porsche’s we like to know the story of, some are fun stories and others not so nice.  The cars often tell us their story or hold secrets, sometimes we find somethjng very personal and try to find the owner to return it to them.  Some owners send us lots of details on their Potsches like the thoracic surgeon who owned one of our America Roadsters and gave us his European delivery documents.

1996 993 Cabriolet we dismantled during 2018

This 1982 Targa we bought in Las Vegas

This Red 930 shell was a theft recovery back when no Porsche was safe on the streets. Photo taken at Ricks parents home.

1978 Sc in light tan with really fabulous engine with Weber’s we sold during 2018

1984 ruby red coupe ex racer we parted out in 2018

73 Targa on the tow bar, we cut that F model era up quite often, today we could cry how many could have been saved.

1986 Carrera Cabriolet

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