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2007 Porsche 997 GT3RS

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Porsche 997 GT3RS

Gt3 and RS mean one thing, RS was derived from the early Friday models noted for speed!  These are the most coveted Porsche’s ever produced, known for ultra high performance, this gt3rs is well known in the Porsche community as a survivor of the Ingram Collection Fire.

With only 9k miles, the gt3RS was one of the Ingram Porsche Collection Fire losses, it has mostly psi t damage and some of the interior had drippings on it, we are pleased to use it as our newest showcase of our workmanship.  We have fully repaired it’s damages from being near the burning debris. No old accidents and no over revs.

We have driven the gt3rs about 1k miles since it arrived, and it’s performance is nothing short of wild!

Ask any questions to Rick@weekendrides.com