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Vapor Blasting Porsche Engine Parts

By April 11, 2019 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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What is Vapor Blasting?

Vapor blasting is a non-aggressive cleaning process that removes dirt, oils, contamination, and corrosion on automotive parts.  This process does not harm the surface material of the components and leaves a nice finish on the item. Vapor blasting is also known as wet abrasive blasting, vapor honing, or aqua blast. The water component in this process prevents the dirty materials from becoming embedded in the component.

This system of cleaning originated in the UK and was originally used in the aircraft industry.  Vapor blasting revealed any cracks or imperfections on equipment such as compressor impellers, fuel pump springs, and turbine blades.

Vapor blasting is a chemical free process and does not create hazardous airborne particles. This process uses water and fine glass beads (typically) to clean items.  The mixture accelerates from a nozzle with compressed air for effectiveness. The water and abrasive media is agitated with a pump system. When the water and abrasive media is propelled with the compressed air, it creates a vapor.

What have we used this cleaning process for?

Vapor blasting automotive parts helps us get them ready to sell in “like-new” condition! We most recently used vapor blasting to clean several 3.2 engine components and they came out great. Check them out!

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